How we design

"You have to understand the problem before you can build the solution."

Our design approach is broken down into 4 stages: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver. We use it for features as well as whole-product design, at all levels for both internal and customer facing tools and apps. 

Design the Right Things Right

Design System

The basis of great design collaboration is when the entire team speaks the same design language. A design system is a comprehensive source of templates and cues that enables team members to understand, sketch, build or improve the product and the brand.

Tools built for collaboration

We always gather a range of perspectives at the design stage. Why? Because we know it helps us build a product that’s thoughtful and respectful to the needs of everyone involved, whether they’re business representatives, developers or end users.

We work with pen and paper prototypes, Sketch as our go-to for high-fidelity work and Abstract for version management. InVision is our preferred tool for testing and gathering feedback, for handing over to developers and to use as a reference point for our QA teams.