You're growing fast. We can help you move even faster.

Enterprise-level software delivery

DevOps from the start
— big value, small overheads

"The mission of a DevOps team is to eliminate itself"

Our DevOps platform is the rock that we build our Agile Teams on. It gives your development team both the freedom and the safety net they need to move faster and get the job done.

We create the tools, governance structures and test-and-test-again processes that let your developers work autonomously and efficiently.  With our help, they can work right through to successful deployment, safe in the knowledge that they’re following the highest, most secure protocols.

"There's a bot for that"

We support your development teams from the very beginning right through to production. We do this so that your development team can:

  • Take ownership and set the pace, taking your code all the way to production whenever they need to
  • Enjoy a more interesting, dynamic scope of work with less repetition. If you have to do something more than once we build a bot to take it on
  • Focus on the stuff they love the most and do best
  • Work more efficiently, reduce costs and get more done

Continuous Delivery

We create our environments as and when they’re needed. We make changes through consistent and thoughtful processes. And when they’re not needed anymore, they’re toast.  

Builds and tests are triggered automatically from code repository events. We build once, tag many times and deploy automatically. Our QA engineers’ work then ensures that automated tests are run to ensure quality from the start.

Self-service platform for product teams

Kubernetes helps us nail our self-service. Our DevOps teams work with your developers to build on the work of our Platform Engineering teams. Our goal is always to eliminate the need for DevOps involvement in development, decoupling the product teams from the platform.