Voice UI

Voice UI

We’re pioneers in using Voice to deliver a customer experience that’s brilliantly innovative and effective.

Alexa, Siri and OK Google - what do AI and the voice interface mean for your business and the way digital services are provisioned? What opportunities do chat bots present and how are others thinking about this?  We hold the practical experience to help you evaluate and take advantage of this space.

We demonstrated our first voice interface for an airline in summer 2016 and launched our first voice-enabled product ‘Dazzle’ in early Autumn, based on Amazon's 'Alexa' platform.  We had early an endorsement from Marriott Hotels and a surge of interest for our experience in this field.

We have been through the steep early learning curve required for designing conversational interfaces and bring that experience to bear with bespoke conversational workshopping techniques and a lot of real-world learning.

We’d love to share our experience and approach with you, please get in touch to begin your conversation.