Tech Lead

You will be at the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process building software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high-quality services.
You will contribute to the team as a technical mentor and ensure that the cross-functional team has the proper technical knowledge in order to be successful. You will work in close collaboration with the Project Manager to address technical risks and process gaps.

Role description

As a tech lead you are an expert in your technical field and take on a leadership role for a particular project. You are also a go-to person for technical/architectural advice across projects.

Your job as a PROJECT TECH LEAD is to

drive the technical success of the project in order to meet the product vision implemented by a cross-functional team. You facilitate the development of technical deliverables and monitor technical assignments to ensure timely delivery. You are a subject-matter expert in your field(s) but also able to coordinate with other areas in the implementation of development projects. You take risks and manage failures as lessons learned. You remain hands-on with code while working with theProject Manager to build an ideal work environment for the project team.


1. Technical Leading

  • establish a technical vision with the development team and work with the team to turn it into reality
  • bring a unique blend of leadership and management skills applied in a technical context with a cross-functional team
  • be able to manage a complete set of streamlined development tools
  • be a model developer, SME in one or more core programming languages
  • able to act as an interface between multiple technologies
  • constantly monitor and measure code quality and test activities
  • assure high code quality of the team by performing or delegating code reviews
  • contribute hands-on to the project code
  • be up to date with the latest technology /frameworks and able to suggest the best technical solution for your project (or others)
  • maintain good relationships and know all the other SMEs and determine when and who to ask for guidance
  • be an active participant in your technology team meetups

2. Project Team Leading

  • work proactively to understand/clarify project backlog in order to meet client's expectations
  • build and maintain relationships with clients and team members
  • help to remove roadblocks
  • assist PM in making sure the defined processes are followed and the interactions between disciplines are well understood by the entire project team
  • responsible for assigning tasks within a project.
  • understand how decisions (from anyone that might affect the outcome of the project) impact project budget & timelines
  • suggest process improvements and ways for optimising delivery results
  • be able to give and receive feedback to help people develop and be more effective by not only focusing on the technical aspects, but also the project team and people aspects such as relationship building, motivating, delegating, and influencing
  • be one of the main contributors to project team meetings and other rituals such as:planning, review, retrospective, standups

Technical Skills

Full stack Symfony and/or JS and/or Java and/or Drupal.


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