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Senior JavaScript Developer

You are at the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process building software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high-quality services.

Role description

As a Senior JS Developer you are an autonomous developer, able to mentor team members and facilitate collaboration with other teams.


be a useful contributor to the team by planning,designing, building, and maintaining scalable applications. You monitor, test, and continuously optimize your designs. You collaborate with software engineers, project managers, designers, and analysts to ensure that our user experience is the very best it can be.
It is also your job to share knowledge, evangelize best practices, and maintain collaboration with other teams.

  • Complete complex development tasks autonomously
  • Provide estimates for complex modules under development and estimate own work
  • Be part of the code review strategy in order to increase the project code quality


  • Deliver high-quality maintainable, scalable and testable code
  • Write and maintain unit tests
  • Participate in daily meetings/scrums
  • Ensure team and cross-team communication
  • Continuously improve of your skills
  • Mentor team members
  • Be proficient in a major JavaScript framework as well as vanilla JavaScript
  • Plan and execute code refactoring sessions

Job qualifications

  • Work experience: more than 3 years in web development

Technical Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Excellent debugging skills
  • Very good understanding of OOP concepts
  • Very good knowledge of unit and integration testing
  • Very good understanding of web/internet concepts: REST web services, HTTP request/response
  • Very good knowledge of React, Redux, GraphQL
  • Good working experience with Git
  • You are experienced with modern JavaScript coding, testing, debugging and automation techniques
  • You care deeply about web technologies, business impact, usability, design and music
  • You have experience with continuous delivery and automated testing
  • You care about the user experience and know how to build user-friendly web applications.

Organizational and work-management skills

  • Autonomy
  • Very good problem solving skills
  • Self-learner, very good learning skills and learning methodology
  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • You have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and can communicate your ideas
  • You are comfortable working in an agile environment, and are comfortable challenging yourself and your team to improve their ways of working
  • You are adaptable and inventive and you are able to develop effective solutions to problems
  • Excellent communication skills: fluent in English, empathic, good listener, concise answers, on-point communications, engaging, flexible yet rigorous
  • Mentoring skills (can guide mid and junior developers)
  • You value team success over personal success
  • You hold yourself and others accountable

Some people in the JavaScript team

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team member photo
you, maybe ;-)
You, maybe ;-)


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