Senior DevOps Engineer

in Cluj-Napoca

You will be at the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process building software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high-quality services.

Your daily dose of challenge:

  • Provide effectively provisioning, installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of both application and utility systems: CI / CT / CD, Repositories, AAA, Monitoring & Alerting etc.
  • Work with Dev / QA / SM teams to build, maintain and document different types of SDLC environments
  • Support and deploy mission critical, customer facing, frontend and backend production environments
  • Diagnose and solve application or underlying infrastructure related problems
  • Monitor and examine application, performance, event and system logs to assist in troubleshooting
  • Plan, execute and test disaster recovery plans and procedures
  • Test and evaluate new technologies
  • Work with 3rd party support services
  • Mentor and guide Mid and Junior Developers to reach their full potential

Who are we looking for?

  • A new colleague who is comfortable to research, propose, implement and take ownership over the best and most suitable DevOps practices / tools in accordance with the project requirements
  • A problem-solver with an open and self-learning mindset
  • Good analysis & synthesis skills
  • Someone who is comfortable working in an Agile environment, happy to challenge themselves and the team to improve our ways of working

Will you enjoy working with us?

It’s important we have a great working experience whilst we bring ideas to life. We offer free lunches, massages, conference / training budget and help you develop your career because it’s good for you and it’s good for business.

Work Experience

3+ years

Technical Skills*

  • StrongLinux based OSs
  • StrongAWS services and / or other Cloud providers
  • StrongTroubleshooting skills
  • StrongDevOPS tools like: SCM: Git; CI / CD: Jenkins, Jenkins Pipeline, Bamboo; Config management and provisioning: Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Chef, Salt; Monitoring, logging and alerting: Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, Icinga, Nagios etc.
  • HighScripting skills using Bash, Python and / or other scripting languages
  • HighContainers and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes
  • GoodNetworking and security concepts
  • GoodWeb / HTTP concepts: REST web services, HTTP request / response, Application servers: Apache, JBoss / Tomcat, Node etc.
  • GoodRelational / non-relational databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis etc.
  • Good Software architecture concepts
  • HighEnglish

* you don't need all of the above, but it gives you a good idea of what we’re after.

Some colleagues in the DevOps team

You, maybe
You, maybe ;-)