Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master you will be the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process, empowering teams to deliver high-quality services.

Role description

This role involves AGILE leading of cross-functional teams and managing project delivery. We are a growing team but we like to keep a fairly flat management structure, so you'll need to participate in resourcing, recruiting, performance review, and process improvements.

Your job as a SCRUM MASTER is to:

  • Guide cross-functional teams in developing, rolling out and delivering software. You communicate and serve as a mediator and trust builder between teams across Lola Tech.
  • Make sure that project is working smoothly and every team member has tools to get their work done efficiently.
  • Guide the team and organisation on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values
  • Plan, monitor, and report on project delivery
  • Build and nurture client relationship
  • Work with the client and the team on translating roadmaps into release plans. Align project objectives with client goals and make sure project team is clear on objectives, ensure backlog work is well-defined.
  • Build, monitor and report against project schedule. Oversee story completion and that the definition of done is known by all parties involved and acceptance criteria are specified and met.
  • Manage project resources to make sure schedule is on track. Work with team leads in resource planning: flag conflicts, understaffing and work allocation issues.
  • Report deviations and support solution finding
  • Manage risk tracking process
  • Lead process improvement efforts and facilitate team meetings and other agile rituals, set expectations for project team and for management
  • Work collaboratively with the entire team: provide support related to the project, share knowledge and help the business to further improve its operations. Ensure all your team members can do their job to the best of their abilities, without blockers.
  • Ensure scope completion, that client's objectives are met or exceeded. Use the Technical Lead’s detailed information regarding progress for overall monitoring.
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Facilitate and participate in technical discussions whilst making clear that the technical solution, the technology used and the approval required is  the technical team’s responsibility.
  • Lead the break-down of the technical tasks that the technical team will deliver so that the entire team understands the scope and has committed to the delivery.


  • Plan and monitor the project using the agreed tools, both internally and to the client.
  • Provide reports in the agreed format.
  • Organise meetings & workshops.
  • Understand client brief and engage in discovery sessions and workshops
  • Project resource planning
  • Define & improve existing processes
  • Manage project team
  • Manage communication inside the project team, with the client, with management, 3rd parties.
  • Participate in the recruitment process: selection, interviewing, hiring
  • Participate in performance review
  • Manage client expectations
  • Manage conflicts related to the project
  • Provide clear risk management, escalate without hesitation.

Job qualifications

Work experience: Experienced in team management and AGILE methods


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