Mid PHP/Symfony Developer

You will be at the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process building software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high-quality services.

Role description

As Symfony developer you will be maintaining and creating various web APIs.

Your  job as a MID SYMFONY DEVELOPER is to:

  • Handle development tasks that have been assigned to you
  • Work with other team/project members when necessary to complete own tasks or help them complete their own task
  • Analyze stories/features/requirements and break them down into tasks
  • Estimate requirements/tasks and set targets for a sprint/release
  • Participate in daily meetings/scrums
  • Communicate with project leaders and report immediately when issues arise that might affect sprint/release targets
  • Communicate with the team and with team members individually in order to preserve a healthy/friendly working environment within the team
  • Work on one or more projects simultaneously


  • Develop & maintain PHP libraries
  • Develop & maintain APIs in Symfony 4
  • Develop & maintain PHPunit suite

Job qualifications

  • Work experience: > 2 years

Technical Skills

  • Good knowledge of PHP 5.6 and 7.x
  • Good knowledge of Symfony 2.3 and Symfony 4
  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL
  • Basic knowledge of web related technologies: apache, mysql, mongo, redis, memcache, ssh
  • Good understanding of web/internet concepts and functionality: www (domains, subdomains), Internet protocols (http, ssl, tcp, ftp, email), REST
  • Good understanding of programming concepts: OOP, code architecture/ standards/ performance/ testing
  • 2+ experience in IT software development
  • 2+ experience in working in multiple projects and large/small teams


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