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Junior Java Developer

You will be at the heart of Lola Tech’s engineering process building software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high-quality services.

Role description

As a Java developer you'll build and maintain scalable applications.

Your job as a JUNIOR JAVA DEVELOPER is to:

  • Complete well defined, basic development tasks
  • Identify the root cause of basic issues and fix them
  • Work with other team/project members when necessary to complete own tasks
  • Participate in research and development for system engineering


  • Develop and maintain Java 8 applications web applications (Java EE/Spring)
  • Write and maintain unit tests (JUnit/TestNG)
  • Participate in daily meetings/scrums
  • Team communication
  • Continuous improvement of your skills and autonomy

Job qualifications

  • Work experience: 3 - 12 months

Technical Skills

  • Good knowledge of Java 8
  • Good knowledge of OOP concepts
  • Good knowledge of basic algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of unit testing
  • Basic debugging skills
  • Basic understanding of web/internet concepts: REST web services, HTTP request/response, application servers
  • Basic working experience with Git
  • Basic working experience with build tools (Maven)
  • Basic knowledge of design patterns
  • Basic development tools usage experience (Eclipse/IntelliJ, REST clients)
  • Basic working experience with Unix based OS

Some people in the Java team

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you, maybe ;)
you, maybe ;)
You, maybe ;)


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