Agile, iterative, cross-functional

We work with our clients in an iterative process, providing highly capable cross-functional, dedicated teams for each project. The same team works with its customer throughout the project. There are no surprise deliveries, as a releasable product is delivered at least once per 2-week sprint.

Our teams are your teams.

We can take on an entire portfolio as well as the development, maintenance and support tasks of individual products. From profit-boosting customer-facing systems to enterprise-level booking engines, we use agile frameworks to deliver solutions that keep your users’ needs front and centre at all times.

Scrum ceremonies and discovery processes work hand-in-hand with you, solving your problems and giving you and the team constant feedback and insight into the product development process.

We integrate with your other teams and vendors, wherever they are in the world.


First, we work with you to identify your portfolio of products and the tech stacks you need. We then shape and scale our teams around those product needs, making sure they have the right skill sets to support your product owner and to deliver your backlog.

Based on this, your Lola Tech cross functional agile team will be able to deliver value from day one.

It can include a Scrum Master, UX/UI designers, front, back or full stack developers, test engineers as well as DevOPS and architectural oversight.

Each individual is supported by their community of practice so you can be sure you get quality every time.

Want to know more?

We’d rather draw a diagram that gets straight to the point than drown you with a 50-slide deck.

We live and work by the agile principles and values while favouring complete and honest transparency.

Our mission is to build brilliant technology that outlasts us - continuing to deliver profit, inspiration and efficiencies long into the future.

We find creative solutions to whatever challenges or obstacles crop up and yes, we know they're probably a lot.

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