Your dedicated development team built for scale

We are Lola Tech, a mature software company which provides highly capable cross functional teams to our customers without the hassle and cost of recruitment, onboarding, training, and the risk of hiring contractors without backup.

We are the safe pair of hands you need to build the successful, performant, and scalable products your users will love.

The right products

You bring your domain expertise, and we bring ours. They'll combine in an iterative process to deliver software which fits your business needs - without the wrong sort of surprises.

Mobile optimised transactional web applications
Monitoring tools and dashboards
Learning management
Cloud migration projects
CMS driven sites and back-office systems, custom Drupal 7/8 upgrades and builds
AWS and Azure pipeline-as-code
Managed service websites
GraphQL tools for developers
Music and mindfulness apps serving and managing personalised content
Openshift & Kubernetes distribution
API testing frameworks
Bespoke loyalty programmes

The right technology

We've been in the business a long time and we've learned, and are still learning, a lot of lessons. We can build for scale and we can build to last, or we can move fast to test an idea. We're enthusiastic about new tools, but we treat them with caution, and we don't experiment on our customers.

We're comfortable building greenfield projects. We've got the curiosity to learn your stack and the openness to work with your experts. We've got the experience, the tenacity and the humility to work with legacy systems. Whether you've got an opportunity or a problem, our team can be your team.

“From the first to the final meeting, we were dealing with intelligent and friendly professionals who quickly got to grips with the intricacies of the entire project.”

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