Integrated bilion dollar
payment system

Enabling safe, integrated instant credit and payment systems, compliant to banking standards and legislation.


Our client needed to enable its customers to initiate and complete credit applications with a partnering bank at the time of checkout, providing immediate payment. They needed a combined integration and user experience solution from us, making it quick, easy and painless for their customers to do business with them.


We overcame the limitations of a legacy stateless middleware layer to provide seamless session persistence for the customer. Our integration with the partner bank - Bank of America - was able to work around the restrictions of both systems.  On successful approval, we could then fast-forward the user's checkout process for a seamless experience.


Our solution successfully enabled integrated payment systems, providing customers the ability to be approved for instant credit and use this to pay for their purchase, all within a matter of seconds. Lola ensured a seamless user experience and a safe transaction compliant with the required NYDFS and PCI DSS 3.2 standards.