Future-proof hotel booking

Enabling a brand new revenue stream with this market-ready web-based hotel only booking path.


Our client wanted to sell hotel rooms easily through a platform that would allow users to search, book and modify their booking. This engine needed to integrate with multiple inventory systems and integrate with existing back office invoicing systems.


Our agile teams, along with some client-led development teams, conducted a 2 week sprint zero, starting with a discovery and story mapping workshops to understand the customer journey and product vision. 

To solve the problem, we proposed a web optimised hotel booking engine. Three development teams were formed and completed 7 (14 weeks)  sprints to deliver an MVP.  We iterated on the design and features as they were built, through weekly user testing feedback sessions. The teams managed the single collective backlog and refined the scope with the client product owner throughout the process. We also created a release roadmap, adding new features to future increments for maximum scalability.


‍Our client has been able to launch a brand new revenue stream with their market-ready web-based booking path.

The new platform—delivered on time and on budget—allows them to now control hotel inventory with an easy-to-use, integrated invoicing system. The platform is designed to scale with the business with room for both additional hotel inventory and customers as needed.