Enterprise Level Digital Capability (fast!)

Enterprise-level digital capability successfully delivered by Lola Tech for an ambitious golf company.


Teesnap delivers golf course software and online services. When we first met, their main objective was to be the primary global distribution system (GDS) for the golf world. At the time it was clear this goal was a long way off. Teesnap needed a scalable, commerce-aware digital solution that could meet the company’s ambitious plans for growth, in addition to comprehensive ecommerce capability for the pro shops.


Working closely with senior management we first validated what success looked like and agreed a shared approach. Following this, a hybrid team was mobilised to own and execute initial business analysis and to design the solution. The architectural design focused on scalability and availability while operational features focused on automation to enable customised digital onboarding for new clients at speed.


As a tight-knit combined team, we provided a solution on time and on budget that met or exceeded all the requirements known up-front. In addition we ran a transparent change process, enabling the re-prioritisation of valuable ‘new’ features in-flight such as a contact centre plug-in for the reservation engine, further enhancing multi-channel sales and service and hitting KPIs.