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At Lola Tech, open source solutions form the backbone of our work. We believe in strength in numbers, and a large community around a good open source solution is a great recipe for stability and longevity. These communities have the advantage of being able to outlast vendors' lifespans - they continue to grow over time with the purpose of making the solution stronger and more secure, and adapting it to new trends. This ultimately benefits all users. Let’s dive a little deeper. 

One of the key tenets of open source is individuals’ innate disposition for collaboration, and their desire to make their contribution count. Generally speaking, once someone starts contributing to an open source project they gain a sense of ownership, which will then have them coming back to contribute further. That sense of ownership, and the lack of financial motivations, in turn, creates a sense of responsibility for the code - and developers can be very protective when it comes to defending and improving their collaboration. 

So much for the philosophical aspect of open source. Now on to the topic of quality. All software has similar issues - bugs that are introduced willingly or accidentally, faulty architectures that are insufficient for the long game. One tends to find that open source software is overall more reliable with fewer quality issues. In fact, the bigger the community, the stronger the solution tends to be. Why? Open source solutions have more eyes on them and essentially undergo constant quality checks. This means developer communities quickly adapt to changing user needs and submit improvements as needed. This has a direct effect on security as well, with vulnerabilities likely to be spotted and corrected fast in open source software. 


Organizations the world over are working hard to strengthen their security posture. The road to secure operations from cyber attacks is a long one, but one of the first steps can be adopting strong open source code for digitalisation projects. It is to be expected that as more companies adopt open source, it becomes more attractive to cybercriminals. But this is where the shared sense of ownership comes into play - increased threats to the code mean increased vigilance among the community. And that community is the best line of defense against buggy or even downright malicious software. 

Finally, the matter of cost. Adopting new software is essentially a process of trial and error - and that can get expensive. And while there are of course benefits to vendor products, with open source, there are no paid licences, no commitments to budgets, no additional fees for improvements. This is a large cost saving for organisations and allows them to focus on growing their business. In fact, it could be argued that the trend of rising startup numbers is a direct result of the availability of strong open source code. It has allowed individuals to build quickly, fail fast and improve even faster, all without the at-times prohibitive software licensing fees. 

So yeah, we love open source. Drop us a line at info@lola.tech if you’d like to find out more about what we can do with open source tech, or if you’d simply like to share your thoughts on the topic.

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