Using Nexus to empower a large enterprise IT team to reach higher

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Enterprise-level agile delivery by Lola Tech for one of the most profitable airlines in the world.


This  profitable airline wanted to transform its IT organisation with a more agile way of working to meet the demands of an ambitious modern business. As a trusted partner and vendor who built a large part of their customer facing IT infrastructure, Lola Tech were the obvious choice to drive this transformation. We created a robust delivery process for all 23 dev teams based internationally in India, Romania, UK, USA and Canada.


Using Lola Tech's scalable delivery process and in-house agile coach and scrum masters, we helped our client's product owners deliver an ambitious roadmap in 2019. A set of dedicated teams were handpicked from multiple vendors and client teams. We also established a clear process for kick off sessions and story mapping, and harnessed the scrum framework to make sure all stakeholders were part of the delivery.

Clear outcomes were identified and captured every two weeks which allowed us to constantly refine the process and clearly communicate our progress and value to the wider business stakeholders. This ability to demonstrate return on investment early and release MVP to market quickly meant increased buy-in. This was reinforced by a focus on coaching, transparency and shared values to deliver successfully throughout the year.


Several full stack Lola Tech teams worked more closely with their product owners than ever before. Using a Nexus framework for scaled Scrum, we were able to bring many new features to market in 2019. This was forecast to add over $50 million dollars of revenue to the e-commerce site in the first year.

The customer said

"This transformation gives us the ability to bring features to life more quickly and measure marketing campaigns against growing revenue. Most importantly, we now share the same values and common goals throughout the business."

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