Project write-up: Google Cloud services to Microsoft Azure

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Earlier this year, we migrated two containerised full-stack, and mission-critical, monitoring and data visualisation tools from Google Cloud services to Microsoft Azure. The applications served as mission-critical monitoring and data-visualisation tools for the client’s core business.

In our experience, any business can benefit from the versatility and relative simplicity of using cloud services like Microsoft Azure to streamline their IT processes. The key to a successful migration or even initial build to the cloud is a dedicated team that brings together a complete skill set. Otherwise, a piecemeal approach ensues, which can and often does lead to unplanned revisions and, eventually, tricky legacy issues.

Keeping in line with the client’s existing practices, their destination infrastructure had to be built from code using Terraform before the two applications in question could be migrated. AzureRM and AzureAD were used as Terraform providers to describe resources, while popular Terraform modules were leveraged in an effort to standardise the implementation and achieve brevity. Our aim was to create clean, pared-back infrastructure to ensure the scalability and maintainability of the applications.

We worked alongside the client for 10 weeks, from discovery to implementation. The initial discovery phase took seven days and allowed us, among other things, to assess existing security policies and practices which would ensure the eventual infrastructure configuration would be compliant with industry and client standards. The delivery phase included in-code implementation of App Services, Gateways, Key-Vaults, Virtual Networking and App Registration, involving research, analysis and debugging work. To finish the engagement, our team laid the foundations for efficient deployment, with the handover including clear documentation as well.

You can read the full case study, with more technical details, here.

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