Mindhackers: A website to curate customisable and dynamic content

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Every company has their goals and targets. They’re usually based around turnover, profit or productivity - something like that. The people behind Mindhackers are different though - they want to make the world a better place.

The importance of mental wellbeing is being spoken about more and more, which is great,  but it was noticeable that actual resources were few and far between. Mindhackers wanted to change that.


They have a vision, an ambitious vision, but a very clear one: to create a platform that would collect and curate the already existing premium content from the mental wellness space - all served via a user interface that spoke directly to this generation.

They could see what they wanted, they just needed someone to make it happen, some experts. So they called us.


Mindhackers wanted a platform that could incorporate videos, audio, articles and podcasts from a wide range of sources including YouTube, Spotify, Medium, Calm and TED. Crucially though, it all needed to be brought together in a clear and user-friendly way - one that really resonates with the target market.


We could see Mindhacker’s vision immediately, and we loved it.

They got in touch with us in May 2020. We immediately assembled a Scrum team and quickly set to work. Through evolutionary architecture and emergent design, the team began to bring Mindhacker’s ambitious plans to life. Every two weeks we would deliver product increments, while the Product Backlog was enhanced and adapted based on feedback and the constantly changing market conditions.

Throughout the project, communication was frequent and easy-going. We adapted to new requirements and additions, and always met deadlines, all while adopting new technologies. By December, we were able to go ahead with an MVP launch, and the beta version was launched in March 2021. 


The initial feedback from users during the beta release was excellent, and since that hundreds of people have signed up - with the next goal for Mindhackers to be regularly helping 1000 active users.

Mindhackers’ Co-CEO Christina Lundberg told us “Your team’s work ethics, passion and commitment to the product shows that we couldn’t have chosen a better technical partner than Lola Tech.”

We really believe in this website and the philosophy behind it, and urge everyone to try it out for themselves - its appeal is truly universal. Sign up at mindhackers.ai.

Tech Stack Used

We used a mix of tech, including: GraphQL, Apollo, Node.JS, Next.JS, MySQL, Vercel, AWS, Python and React.

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