Market leading hotel booking system

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Enabling a brand new revenue stream with this market-ready, web-based, hotel booking path.


Our client wanted to sell hotel rooms easily through a platform that would allow users to search, book and modify their booking. This engine needed to integrate with multiple inventory systems and existing back office invoicing systems.


The Lola Tech agile team, along with some client-led development teams, conducted a 2 week sprint zero, starting with discovery and story mapping workshops, to understand the customer journey and product vision.

Three development teams were formed and completed 7 two-week sprints to deliver a Minimum Viable Product.  Weekly usability testing sessions drove iterations on design and functionality through a single collective backlog - which was continuously refined with the client's product owner. A release roadmap gave visibility to future development.

list of available hotel rooms showing beds and a blue sky view


This brand new revenue stream from a market-ready web-based booking path proved the strength and scalability of a React with Next.js combined with a GraphQL API which streamlined integration with the parent’s company’s fulfilment systems.


This system provides a brand new revenue stream for an ambitious company and is set to take the hospitality market by storm.

The customer said

"A sincere thank you Lola Tech for your amazing efforts and commitment to our business goals. Through all of the pressures we achieved our goal and you played a main role in this success."

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