Looking for colleagues who care

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We’re recruiting. But not just anyone. We’re looking for new teammates. Mates with a heart. Colleagues who care. Not just care about work (obviously we like that), not just about their team (obviously we want that), but care about something more - something outside of work. We want passionate people who care about a cause so much that they would donate their salary to it. 

Wait. What? 

You read that right. We are looking for new recruits who want to donate money to a good cause. Here’s the trick: that money will be donated by us, and it will be part of the welcome gift every new joiner receives at the end of their probationary period. 

The market for IT talent is extremely competitive and we know we are vying for individuals who have a lot of options. But we also know that we want more than just the right skill set. We are a growing team with a culture that prizes teamwork, ethical behaviour and altruistic thinking - and as we grow, we want to continue nurturing that culture

Charity donations are of course not a panacea, nor are they going to sway someone to work for us if there is no reciprocal match otherwise. Our aim is simply to encourage applicants to think beyond their potential employment with us - how does working at Lola Tech fit within their life and interests? And, hopefully, they are also at least charmed by our commitment to see them as a whole person, not just another employee on the payroll. 

Our colleagues have diverse backgrounds and interests - work is just one facet of who they are. We happen to think that’s what makes a great team. We hope to soon be welcoming new teammates who feel the same way.

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