Kimera: GraphQL mocks with precision

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We love GraphQL

Working with GraphQL over the last few years has been an inspirational experience for many at Lola Tech. We were drawn to it by the clarity and coherence it brings to the contract between user interfaces and services. And we keep on discovering more to like.

Design and Deliver

We’ve developed processes for collaboration around the design of a schema and we often find that the implementation of UI and resolvers proceed at different paces. There are several perfectly normal reasons for this: maybe a service hides a lot of complexity, or maybe we need to orchestrate a lot of legacy systems. Whatever the case, we want to get on with both parts of the build as soon as a schema is agreed and we were looking for a tool to make sure neither side is holding the other one back

Evolving Mocks for Tomorrow

We're not the only folk who use mocks to allow UI developers to get an early start, and we looked closely at many approaches to mocking GraphQL. We never found anything which lets us define mocks for multiple scenarios, controlling individual properties precisely, whilst at the same time taking advantage of GraphQL's strongly-typed schema to auto-mock as much as possible.

And So... Kimera

Lola Tech has always used open source software when building solutions for our customers so now that we’ve built a tool that we feel solves a problem other teams will encounter too, it only feels right to share.

If you'd like to learn more about what we've built, how to use it, or contribute to its development, head over to Kimera's website.

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