Interview: Diversity, inclusion and accessibility in tech

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When our CTO Rupert told us about his involvement in a charity called codebar, we were all ears. He had started coaching at the recently reopened Norwich chapter and was waxing lyrically about the charity’s work and his experience there. We wanted to find out more, so we emailed Director Kimberley Cook and asked whether she would be willing to sit down with Rupert for a little chat about diversity and inclusion in tech, and software development more specifically. Luckily for us, she was. 

We recorded their wide-ranging conversation that covered everything from D&I and accessible technology to work culture and employability. From thought provoking personal anecdotes to some eminently quotable phrases like, “we need diverse colleagues to debug our work environment” and “having two white women on your team isn’t diversity”, this discussion has it all. Watch the recording below:

About codebar

Codebar is a charity that “facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running free regular programming workshops for minority groups in tech.” As Kimberley puts it, “Our goal is to enable minority group members to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities.” We can only applaud their efforts and are proud of Rupert for joining the ranks of the 5000+ coaches giving their time to codebar. 

If you want to learn more about the charity or volunteer with them, visit their website.

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