Delivering a web application with sleek UI and complex backend integrations on a deadline

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Our client required a work roster scheduling system for flying personnel who need to bid for, and organise, their working schedule for the upcoming month. The web UI needed to be iPad compliant with a heavy focus on user-experience. The backend had to integrate with a complex 3rd party seniority system. The solution had to be rolled out to teams across the US within a tough 90 day deadline.


As a preferred technology partner, we collaborated to map out the timeline and critical path to delivery. Next came co-creation workshops with both technical and business users in the USA. The paper prototypes from these sessions were picked up in Europe where we built interactive wireframes overnight and then repeated the process. Timezone advantage allowed us to continue round the clock iterations. We defined the solution architecture with scalability and security as key principles.

Outcome: a 92% time reduction  

Lola Tech successfully built the solution within the 90 day deadline. The crew and unions loved it, with instant take-up and successful ongoing usage. Personalisation of preferences has reduced the time flight crew take to submit bids from hours to minutes per month and lets them get on with their life and their work.

The technicalities

We chose to build the UI as a single-page application using Angular.js which in combination with a schema-less database (MongoDB) allowed for rapid iteration. Whilst we had expected to trade off some maintainability to achieve meet our timescale, in practice we are delighted by the stability of this application through its long service lifetime.

The customer said

"Designing, building and rolling out a critical application within 90 days is an incredible success and we wouldn't have been able to do it without you"

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