Creating a next-gen data and transaction processing platform

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Founded in 2005 in New York, eCommission Solutions was created to provide data and transaction processing services to the Travel Sector. In a highly competitive market, they used data analytics to get ahead of the competition.


They were well aware of the importance of technology in their industry. And they were ambitious.

They wanted to create an industry leading, next-generation platform to keep ahead of the competition. For that they would need an industry leading technology partner.

They called Lola Tech.


Ultimately eCommission Solutions wanted to make their data analytics quicker and better, in order to offer their customers one of the best technology shops on the market.

However, their responsibilities to their existing customers meant that this had to be achieved with as little disruption to the day-to-day running of the business as possible.

We set to work.


We quickly assembled a dedicated team of engineers, specialising in Systems and Network Engineering, DevOps and Private Cloud Virtualisation. They set up a proof-of-concept and partnered with IBM SoftLayer, after researching the various options and deciding that this was the best priced option with the lowest latency.

Our agile team brought together the existing eCommission Solutions application ecosystem with the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem in an OpenStack based private cloud. Custom BI dashboards to Large Data File Ingestion, ETL and Mapreduce jobs - all under one cloud.

None of this would be possible without the DevOps infrastructure automation, continuous delivery pipelines, continuous optimisation, ability to scale costs effectively and predictably as well as fault tolerance. The entire project was kept ticking by DevOps.

Once we were happy with the work, we implemented 24/7/365 NOC (network operations center) to ensure that everything ran smoothly. We wanted to be able to capture any problems before they happened.


As a result of a close relationship with Lola Tech, spanning over 3 years, eCommission Solutions reached a high level of technological efficiency, which was created with minimal to no service disruption.

The improvement and acceleration of their data analytics through Lola Tech achieved their goal to become one of the best technology shops on the market, before being bought by industry giants Onyx CenterSource.

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