Careers in IT: Code your own adventure

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Lola Tech is a software design and build agency. Bit of a mouthful, but we feel it best describes the exciting work we do. We used to call ourselves a software development company, but that felt restrictive - after all, we do develop nifty software, but we also:

> Design beautiful UI
> Build delightful UX
> Design innovative digital products
> Build clever software solutions

We could go on, but you get the idea. The variety of work is one of the reasons why we look for candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is also one of the reasons why working in this industry is so satisfying - every day is different, and the learning never stops.

You will often find job postings online or on our site using a lot of abbreviations - UI, UX, PHP, CI/CD, SQL,... If you do not have a technical background these may seem daunting, but they should not put you off. In fact, most skills required for developer jobs are skills anyone can learn - the only requirements are curiosity and perseverance.

I studied Computer Science at university, but what I liked most wasn’t the coding part, which I only did for a short time, but the interaction with people, knowing that I could add real value to their businesses and lives. Continuous learning is something I’m really passionate about - I actually started a PhD in Machine Learning a few years ago. It’s also something that we encourage for everyone at Lola Tech, and why we have this great learning environment here.

Ciprian Costea, Lola Tech Managing Director

Take coding languages. There’s Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, C+, Ruby, Rails and many more. All of these are ways of writing instructions for applications and machines to do what their users need them to do. And all of them are languages anyone can learn - just like Spanish or Chinese. In fact, it may be easier for you to learn them than, say, Chinese because the letters used to write them are all taken from the Latin alphabet and based on American English. Quite a few of our colleagues did not study Computer Science or similar subjects. In fact, we recently featured an interview with two new starters, and one of them studied Philosophy at university.

I was hired as a programmer after graduating in Structural Engineering because I loved solving problems and applying maths to real-life challenges. From there, I moved into project and program management pretty quickly, which just goes to show how varied careers can be in this field. It’s not all code and maths, though there certainly is that if you’re interested. For me, it was mostly about working with diverse and interesting people and helping organisations tackle their biggest challenges.

Inge Cuypers, Lola Tech CEO

If you have not previously considered working in IT, maybe it is time you do. Being able to code is a great skill that can be applied to many different jobs and even your personal life. Want to start your own business? Knowing HTML, CSS or PHP can allow you to build your own website and save you money on hiring external help. And even if you have no entrepreneurial aspirations, gaining IT skills will equip you for the future job market. A recent article stated that, in the year to date, “businesses [in the U.S.] would have hired even more IT workers [...] had they been able to find enough qualified candidates.” This trend is mirrored across the Atlantic in Europe, with organisations across all industries seeking IT-skilled employees to help with their digital transformation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution indeed.

So, with a job market that’s not so much heating up as already blazing hot, and low entry barriers only defined by your willingness to learn, what are you waiting for? You really can code your own adventure.

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