Building cyber security into everything we do

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We strongly feel that digitalisation should not mean greater risk exposure for businesses. In fact, we know that great software strengthens a company’s risk posture and makes business operations more resilient. Key to this, however, is built-in cyber security.

For us to confidently assure clients of our cyber security credentials we knew we had to first build a culture of security awareness at Lola Tech. After securing buy-in at all levels of the business, we built an education programme that ensured maximum take-up. Looking at high quality external content, we found that The National Cybersecurity Alliance offers bite-sized lessons (and much more), which we have introduced to staff throughout the year. Engagement, which had oscillated around 55% with traditional written content, rose to over 70% once we used the StaySafeOnline videos. In informal surveys among our team, we have found that the majority of staff feel more informed and confident about their cyber security awareness. New joiners are required to take the programme as well as complete a mandatory online cyber security course offered by (ISC)2.

We have also invested in select certifications which we feel have the technical depth to act as genuine markers of quality rather than simple marketing labels. The first certification we achieved was for the UK’s globally recognised Cyber Essentials scheme. We are currently also working on meeting the more comprehensive requirements for ISO 27001 certification, an international standard for information security. To do this, we’ve partnered with to improve our information security management system and achieve regulatory compliance. Because specialise in helping companies get certified, they have plenty of useful content on their website, like this post on achieving 27001 certification. For those interested in learning a bit more about this topic, cyber security solutions vendor Cyber Smart has a great blog post on the most common information security standards, including the two above.

We have always been a security-conscientious bunch, even before standardising our information security. That is why we ensure that the products we build remain viable long into the future and all come with built-in security measures. Want to find out more about the amazing tech we can help you create? Then get in touch. We’d love to talk.

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