Building the website of the most profitable airline on earth

Allegiant - Case Study

Allegiant - Case Study

Allegiant Air is a low-cost domestic carrier in the US, selling tickets to passengers exclusively through its own website. But Allegiant’s ageing IT platform was becoming increasingly unreliable and every time the site went down, the company simply couldn’t make any sales. As part of a 5-year transformation project, encompassing all areas of the business, Allegiant wanted to build a new site that would be more resilient and scalable. To hit its profitability targets, it also needed to provide a user experience that encouraged additional sales of non-air product lines, such as hotel rooms, rental cars and leisure activities.

The Solution

Lola worked with Allegiant to rebuild its website architecture, integrate the e-commerce site with its contact centre systems, and deploy a location-aware content management system (CMS) to bring new product lines on board quickly. The airline now has a site that’s available 24/7 for passengers to buy everything they need for their trip. It’s also one of the world’s fastest travel sites and the combination of availability, speed and design delivers an outstanding user experience. Allegiant employees can easily add content to the CMS, which will automatically tag new products with relevant location information. This means new product lines can be added quickly and it also helps them to sell faster, as passengers can find all the offers related to their destination in one place. Since launching the new site, we’ve continued working with Allegiant on a number of other transformation projects, including a shift-bidding interface for cabin crew members, a site accessibility project and a software platform for the airline’s internal university.

It is rare to find a partner like Lola, in whom I have complete trust.

Scott Allard, CIO Allegiant Air

The Result

Near-zero downtime and lightning-fast performance, as well as faster time-to-market for new product lines - “Lola offer a completely managed service, I am able to point them to an internal business unit confident they will deliver the right product with little requirement for management. It is rare to find a partner like Lola, in whom I have complete trust and I am happy to take ownership and deliver stewardship of the site.” – Scott Allard, CIO, Allegiant Air