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"We're a bunch of geeks who appreciate diversity and welcome every quirky individual"

Inge Cuypers, CEO

Inge is a software development lifer and still loves it. She’s totally at home with multi-site, multi-disciplinary teams delivering big dollar systems. With 20 years’ experience managing stakeholder communication, team productivity and delivering excellence, she’s a client’s dream. With her background in project and program management, Inge’s worked across pretty much every industry from banking and publishing to music and marketing, she can get to know your business, fast.

Luke McNeice, Founder

After years in the UK, our Aussie Founder Luke is still in denial about the weather as he wears shorts all year round. At the top of his game for 20 years, he built the first websites for Canadian Rail, Amtrak and Thai Airlines in the 90s. Since then his skills have been in demand from everyone from Priceline.com (he built their patented reverse auction system) to UBS (trading systems) and Universal Studios (he was lead architect on their Harry Potter World e-com site).  Luke founded Lola Tech in 2009.

Nick Boni, Digital Director

Nick looks after our customers in Europe and the USA. Formerly a Captain in the British Army and you can tell by his immaculate desk. He’s brilliant at managing projects, products and people. Before Lola Tech Nick worked for Barclays Bank and has delivered products for AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Ford.

Anca Tănase, Head of Delivery

Anca makes sure our delivery teams work together like clockwork. An Agile coach for coaches, we’ve still to find someone more clued up on the subject than Anca. Our clients love working with her because she’s all about building products that their customers really want, reducing time to market and welcoming change with open arms. Previously, Anca worked for big names like TUI, Bank of Ireland and Virgin Airlines and has her fair share of scale-up experience.

Vlad Rusu, Head of Operations

Vlad drives the Cloud and DevOps journey of our US and EU based clientele. He is an advocate of Kubernetes based platforms that power Self Service and Continuous Deployment. His experience is primarily based in Software and Systems Engineering, with a touch of Customer Service from his days at Liberty Global.

Vlad Mandiuc, Head of Development

Vlad is more energetic than a Duracell bunny and learns new things like a supercomputer, but his superpower is in explaining new information to others, which makes him a great team leader. He fell in love with web development when he got his first HTML4 book in 2001 and has been embracing all aspects of this trade ever since.

Having been on the buy-side of IT services many times before, Lola Tech was founded by some seasoned dot-com folk who wanted to build an outsourcing team they’d actually want to use.

At our core we have happy and motivated staff.  From an in-house masseuse, through to free lunches and sports club memberships, Lola Tech invests in our staff’s wellbeing because without that wellbeing, great software can’t be delivered.

We say the reasons why we love
working here

  • Rewards
  • Flexible work hours
  • Innovation & latest technology
  • Colleagues
  • Atmosphere
  • Learning and self development

We also really like:

  • A specially designed t-shirt on your birthday
  • Free daily lunches
  • Monthly team nights out
  • The best Christmas party in Cluj
  • Lots of branded merchandise
  • Choice of laptop
  • Excellent coffee

Our core values: Empathy, Curiosity, Boldness, Resilience and Pride

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We are located in the twin tech hubs of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, and Old Street in London. It is here that our experienced team of front and back-end developers, QA, DevOps, UX/UI Designers and Product Strategists work to create enterprise level technology platforms.