Design and build excellence
ten years
in the making

10 years ago we used to work on the buy-side of IT services. Fed up with the quality of external providers, we decided to build a team we would actually want to work with; the web solution team of dreams. Word spread, clients called, and given the demand for our services, Lola Tech was born in 2009.

Today, Lola Tech is based in London, UK and Cluj, Romania, the 'Silicon Valley' of Eastern Europe, and works with clients all over the world. Each team member speaks fluent English and at least one other language. Our greatest badge of honour is that the vast majority of our staff have been with us for many years. That makes us very proud.

Passionate about scalable software

We believe in building software for the future, not just for the here and now. Tech that’s flexible, strong and built to last—just like the relationship with our clients.

International team of technical expertise

We hire smart people with drive. Our team includes certified Scrum Masters, UX/UI designers, frontend, backend and full stack developers, test engineers as well as experts in DevOps and architectural oversight.

You need someone with a specific skillset? We likely have just the person for you. Talk to us to find out more.

Committed to sustainable operations

We try to do our bit for a better tomorrow. With international clients comes travel, so we offset all of our carbon with Wildlife Works.

Our story in numbers


Luke McNeice saw an opportunity to draw together many of the talents he'd encountered over the years. 2009 wasn't the first year that many of us had worked together, but it was the year we struck out on our own and started to build the Lola Tech you'll find today.


Based in London, UK and Cluj, Romania: the "Silicon Valley" of Eastern Europe. We don't use temporary staff because we know how much value a permanent team brings.


Lola Tech's highly educated workforce enjoys a dedicated training and conference budget for everyone. A T-shape attitude is applauded, encouraged by code reading clubs and regular workshops.


Most of Lola Tech's senior team have worked together for many years, the majority of the wider team has been with us for over four years. We like to think we're a family that sticks together.

Our Senior Team

Inge Cuypers,


After a degree in Engineering, Inge headed into software development and never looked back. She’s at home with multi-site, multi-disciplinary teams delivering big dollar systems and also with creating products from scratch for exciting new businesses. Inge's worked across pretty much every industry from banking and publishing to music and travel.

Luke McNeice,


After years in the UK, our Aussie Founder Luke is still in denial about the weather as he wears shorts all year round. At the top of his game for 20 years, he built the first websites for Canadian Rail, Amtrak and Thai Airlines in the 90s. Since then his skills have been in demand from everyone from (he built their patented reverse auction system) to UBS (trading systems) and Universal Studios (he was lead architect on their Harry Potter World e-com site).  Luke founded Lola Tech in 2009.

Rupert Redington


Rupert is Lola Tech's CTO and its technology navigator, sharing his passion for learning with the team and encouraging everyone to seek out new skills. He has over 20 years’ experience delivering focused and high-performing software, and a passion for modern tooling and testing.

Nick Boni,

Digital Director

Nick looks after our customers in Europe and the USA. Formerly a Captain in the British Army, he’s brilliant at managing projects, products and people. Before Lola Tech, Nick worked for Barclays Bank and delivered products for AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Ford.

Vlad Rusu,

Head of Operations

Vlad drives the Cloud and DevOps journey of our customers all over the world. He is an advocate of Kubernetes based platforms that power Self Service and Continuous Deployment. His experience is primarily based in Software and Systems Engineering, with a touch of Customer Service from his days at Liberty Global.

Anca Tănase,

Head of Delivery

Anca makes sure our delivery teams work together like clockwork. An Agile coach for coaches, we’ve still to find someone more clued up on the subject than Anca. Our clients love working with her because she’s all about building products that their customers really want, reducing time to market and welcoming change with open arms. Previously, Anca worked for big names like TUI, Bank of Ireland and Virgin Airlines and has her fair share of scale-up experience.

Vlad Mandiuc,

Head of Development

Vlad is more energetic than a Duracell bunny and learns new things like a supercomputer, but his superpower is in explaining new information to others, which makes him a great team leader. He fell in love with web development when he got his first HTML4 book in 2001 and has been embracing all aspects of this trade ever since.

Ciprian Costea,

MD Romania

Ciprian is our Managing Director in Romania and a trusted member of senior management.  He takes care of all things operational and supports the team in their wellbeing. Oh and he distills his own palinca, too.

"What Lola Tech does best is to hire smart people, give them direction and then set them free. The best solutions are born out of empowerment, not delegation.”
Rupert Redington, CTO

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